Control Room :

We have 24X7 (365 Days) Control Room is available, to assist the Client. Complaint or problem will be addressed within 8 Hrs of time (Max.). As soon as the services start our control room will be active and client will be provided with the escalation matrix.


Contract and Commencement :

All contracts will be for a period of one year and will be renewed annually on our mutual agreed terms. We will arrange the manpower within 10 days of time from the agreement. In case of Emergency we can depute Security within 24Hrs of time.

  • Dedicated Field Officers - 24X7 (365 Days)
  • Regular Night Checks
  • Monthly or Fort-nightly Training Sessions / On the Job Training Classes will be conducted and the information regarding the training session will be given well in advance to the client through mail.
  • Daily Briefing sessions to Security Guards
  • Dress Code

Leaves and Replacement :

Each Security person will perform 8 Hrs Duty for Six Days in a week, seventh day will be paid holiday. We will provide Security service for 24X7 (365 Days). We will grant leave to our Security Persons as per Labour act of Andhra Pradesh. Replacement of Security will be provided in case of Leave/Holiday at the cost of the management.